Accunect: Keeping 'U' in the centre of your healthcare

What is Accunect?

Accunect is a relatively new healthcare modality, developed in 2012, by Dr Don ‘Kaimi’ Pilipovich and Sarah Simonis. Together, Kaimi and Sarah have many years of teaching healthcare, practice in traditional Chinese medicine, manual bodywork, and knowledge of consciousness and healing. Accunect is based on principles of healing which come from the ancient art of traditional Eastern wisdom, the principles of acupuncture and modern knowledge of the body and brain, physics and neuroscience, anatomy, psychology, philosophy, and much more.

A simple but comprehensive system of healing and transformation

The Accunect system is comprehensive, yet simple, easy to apply, and fun. Accunect uses the innate or inner ability of the body’s own knowledge to heal itself. Energy is balanced based on the person’s individual body-mind requirements at the time of the session. Using a ‘health map’, to guide the practitioner during the session, lasting changes can be made to bring the client back into balance and alignment of health and well being. The ‘health map’ is based on the 5 elements, sacred geometry, physics and has a 3D nature to its form.

Focusing on solutions, not problems

Accunect does not focus on what is wrong (the problem); rather, what can be better (the solution), and therein lies a very important point in the success of using Accunect for your healthcare. By focusing on the areas of the body-mind disrupted by stress, healing occurs naturally.

Why choose Accunect?

When people want to extend their range of healthcare options and start to look ‘outside the square’ of traditional western medical options, and older established complimentary modalities, they discover a wealth of information and options. Accunect is but one available modality. The Accunect system’s approach to understanding the needs of people in today’s modern stressful environment offers ways that are fresh (and refreshing), yet come from the wisdom of the ancient masters.

What happens in a session?

Clients begin with filling out a health questionnaire. This serves the purpose of gathering information for the session, including reminding the person of illnesses, injuries, surgeries, and experiences they might have forgotten about. The questionnaire becomes an important part of the session both in the beginning and later in measuring progress towards health and healing. Using the ‘health map’, the practitioner finds what needs more balance using a simple ‘asking’ technique and intuition. The intuition is verified by a self-muscle check to ensure the practitioner remains centred in the heart and not a cognitive ‘thinking’ mode. Once the information is gathered, the practitioner then uses a form of ‘tapping’ in the energy field to bring about a suggestion in the client’s awareness for the change to come about and the healing to be initiated within the person’s body-mind.
Accunect Banner

Accunect Banner

What does a client do in the session?

Once the session time has been arranged, using the health questionnaire the practitioner guides a discussion and, together with the client, decides on the focus for the session or what the client wants to change and heal in his/her life. The practitioner explains how they will use the health map to find what is ‘ready to shift’ or what needs more balance. The client can sit in a chair or lie on a treatment table where it is comfortable, warm, quiet, and private. Sessions can also take place over the internet, for example, Skype. Regardless of whether the client is in the same physical room or a virtual room, using the principles of healing and connection and energy fields interacting, a client should be able to feel the shifts. The tools used are minimal. I have a small folder of information which I also take on vacation to use for myself, family, and others. I don’t think I have ever been on holiday and not had occasion to do Accunect sessions.
Accunect practitioner and client during a session

Accunect practitioner and client during a session

What might a person experience?

Sometimes very little, but at times the client may feel something such as warmth in the body, energy moving, or tingles. Often they will feel relaxed, calm and light; like a weight has lifted. Some people experience a profound feeling of the change or the energy moving. It is very individual. The energy ‘shifts’ can occur anywhere in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fields, and whilst these areas may appear separate, they are all inherently connected. Accunect has the potential to work on deep, subconscious and unconscious levels and on things we may not even be aware are influencing our lives. Thus, we may not notice when a shift or healing occurs but only recognise that something has changed. Thoughts that life appears better, emotions feel more balanced or something has shifted, can become apparent sometime after the session or even much later.

Accunect worldwide

Accunect is taught and practised in many countries around the world. Many people just want to have Accunect sessions for the health and well-being aspects; whilst others have sessions to experience transformation in their life and experience a deeper sense of their own potential. Many people enjoy the simplicity of transformation and healing and for their own self-development they go on to train as a practitioner learning Accunect Connect and Zoom. Further training and courses are available for your personal journey and transformation, either ‘in-person’, internet classrooms and e-learning. You can read about these on the Accunect website. One such course is Accunect SelfCare, a half-day course that is fun informative and powerful – you go home with techniques for daily life and for emergency situations.


I have testimonials from many clients which include instant relief from headaches and migraine, relief from depression and anxiety, changes in how they relate to others – relationship with families improve and sometimes they can’t ‘put a finger’ on what has changed but they just feel better. People have reported faster recovery from surgery and anaesthetics. Wound healing is enhanced and some things just make more sense to them in their health journey. Sometimes these changes can happen quickly and sometimes it takes a bit longer, but always the ‘right things get addressed in the right order’ so that healing naturally becomes a beautiful journey and not a rough ride. With Accunect, we find out more about ourselves and how we can heal, how we can live a better more fulfilling life of flow and freedom.

Personal stories

(Names anonymous)
I came to Accunect to address the lack of motivation and a feeling of anxiety when I woke up every morning. I had two Accunet sessions for this complaint. After the second session, I found the anxiety had gone, and the lack of motivation had lessened. I enjoyed the sessions very much and felt relaxed and comfortable. I wanted to gain some clarity and clearness on some business decisions I had to make which were on my mind. These decisions were making my other thoughts cloudy and hard to decipher. The Accunect session helped with the decision process and let me form clearer views in my mind regarding the situation. The session was fast and effective and allowed me to take the time to enjoy the company and surroundings I was in.

Being someone who suffers from tension headaches and not wanting to pop a panadol the Accunect session helped my body release the tension and take the headache away. It helped decrease the tension build up in my neck and shoulders from work and sitting in an aeroplane. My experience from this session was calming and relaxing, it was also fast and effective. I would recommend others to have a session as well.

Where can I find out more and book a session?

You can Google Accunect and this will take you to the parent website where you can read more about Accunect, sessions, and courses available around the world. You will also have access to instructors and practitioners in your area. You can send an enquiry email if no practitioner is listed in your area (not all practitioners are listed on this website).  

Inspired Healing Studio

Inspired Healing Studio

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